I have given away more than 1000 pictures. I have given over 1000 pictures away to people I’ve met. Firemen, college coeds, sanitation workers, doctors, real estate agents, bike shop mechanics, housewives, homeless, little boys and little girls.

I have given artwork to make people happy. I have drawn loved ones for parents that have lost their children. I’ve created works for men to give their wives as presents after a fight. I have drawn and painted landscapes, sailboats, horses, bicycles, cars, houses, still life’s, portraits, dogs, cats, and even polar bears.

I have given them as a “peace” of art — a “peace” offering.

I walked and ran over 6000 miles for peace…unaided mostly, but the universe was always there. Even when I ran out of TP in the desert…the universe provided even that. I was alone a lot, but never lonely. Things always worked out. Even when I got poison oak and digestion problems, it always worked out. Gratitude.

After the pilgrimage, I was presented with the opportunity to help a gym. When asked to take on significantly larger coaching roles, I said, “yes” to all things compassionate I could. I coached 15 optional level girls, and 30 boys at the same time, set up and torn down 5 meets and coached them as well. I managed to get nearly all to regionals, westerns, and nationals, and even produced 10 regional champions. But, I didn’t paint that much.

I took on a lot. Perhaps too much.

I need to be Peace the Artist, not Peace the Coach. So once again, I will take to the roads to produce art. This time however I will do it from the saddle of a bike instead of on foot.

I will sell my works now via EBay, galleries, and person to person. I will draw people’s portraits if they wish. But mostly I’m gonna wander searching for beauty. No miles. No numbers. No destinations. Just follow beauty as she leads me.

If you are interested in being a part of my journey, my works are for sale on EBay under Peace Artist.

Bon Voyage